MSM Stretch Marks Gel

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MSM Stretch Mark Gel is a product specially designed for both Men & Women that completely removes the stretch marks formed on your body due to pregnancy or normal weight gain/weight loss. The sulfur compound moisturizes and hydrates the inner cells of the skin in a manner that leads to increase in the cell elasticity and strengthens the cell membrane. It helps skin to bounce back after getting stretched by the process of pregnancy, weight gain or extreme weight loss. MSM Stretch Mark Gel works directly on the inner skin tissues and heals the skin from the core. It helps in removal of stretch marks formed in the dermis.

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1) Tightens skin pores.
2) Lighten the Scars and Stretch Marks
3) Cleans the skin, making it soft

How to Use

Take the gel in your hands, apply it on the area affected with stretch marks. Massage the gel gently. For quicker results apply twice daily.

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Weight 100 g

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