Healthy Nerves – No Stress Capsules

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Stress can be a minor problem but if ignored can turn out to be a serious disorder. It has the composition of Ashwagandha, MSM and Tagar. Effective Vegan, Herbal capsules for relaxing muscles of the brain, reducing swelling, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

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Stress can be a minor problem but if ignored can turn out to be a serious disorder. It is common to find people suffering from stress problems these days. But not all forms of stress are bad, long-term stress that exhausts you or steals your interest from the joys of life must be treated. Long-lasting stress can cause depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, hypertension, and premature aging. It all happens due to the buildup of the stress hormone Cortisol and too much cortisol suspends some body functions, like digestion or immunity, and disrupts glucose metabolism. Too much stress can also damage the memory store of the brain. Healthy Nerves Capsules have composition of Ashwagandha and Tagar.
Ashwagandha contains chemicals that helps in calming the muscles of the brain, reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. Tagar helps in reducing anxiety, nervousness and stress related to too much work and fatigue. Along with this, the MSM is an effective muscle relaxant. Good for relaxing muscles and sleeping.

• Aswagandha relaxes nervous tissues, muscles
• Tagar is effective in anxiety
• Completely organic
• Relax muscles, good sleeping


1) Improve mood and energy

2) Muscle Relaxant

3) 100% Organic & Herbal

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